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Vinny Buzzurro Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

My name is Vinny Buzzurro and I am enthusiastic about sharing my passion with others. Through a personal journey of self-discovery and a commitment to finding truth, I have successfully pursued a transformative path, losing 50 lbs at 3 different stages of my life. Frustrated with the limitations of my own ego, I made the decision to embrace change and it has had a profound impact on my life. Through numerous experiments and experiences, I now have a heightened sense of awareness. I welcome you all to join me on this remarkable and comprehensive journey towards a more fulfilling way of life. I am here to offer my assistance to anyone who wishes to pursue true well-being

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  • Three Month Commitment.

  • Bi-weekly meetings.

  • Two Training Sessions Weekly.

  • Guidance and support in Choosing Suitable Nutrition and Dietary Supplements.

  • Opportunity for individuals to engage in mindfulness practices.

  • Accessible via Phone call, email or text.

  • Gym Session.

  • Meetings.

Direct Contact

Holistic Nutritional Consultant.


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